1598886681Susanne Peticolas, a Director in the Gibbons Real Property & Environmental Department, contributed a section on environmental issues in bankruptcy to the 8th edition of the New Jersey Environmental Law Handbook. Her section discusses the issues created by the conflicting policies underlying bankruptcy law, focusing on a fresh start for the debtor, as well as environmental law, which focuses on making the polluter pay. The section covers a wide range of relevant topics, including which environmental claims are bankruptcy “claims,” how environmental claims are impacted by the automatic stay, the identity of the claim holder, and the relief that is being sought.

This new edition reworks the State Environmental Law Handbook Series from the ground up, beginning with an overview of the environmental law program in New Jersey, and moving on to discuss a variety of issues, such as contaminated property, finance and insurance, litigation, enforcement, and protected lands. Separate chapters treat air and water quality in depth, and further chapters treat hazardous waste, nuclear energy, health and safety, wildlife protection, and sustainability. The Handbook is available from Bernan Press.

* Photo courtesy of the New Jersey Environmental Law Handbook. Readers of this blog receive a special 30% discount on the Handbook with the promotion code A14NJELH.